street dogs/ maidanezii

street dogsBecause of inability of local and state authorities to manage the problem of street dogs, every year thousands of dogs are illegally killed, and approximatively every 10 years this would lead to a massacre “approved bye law”.
Today at least 64 000 street dogs are living in Bucharest (the capital of Rumania), whom will more then probably be “legally” killed, and therefor the people and local authorities will be pleased that the problem is, for short time, solved.

Since more then 20 years of “democracy”, the local authorities in Rumania are not able to have an evidence of dog owners, and have a control over the irresponsible behavior of people towards their animals.

Until the people of Rumania will not learn that the dog they ow is their responsibility – to castrate it; to take care of it when sick; to take responsibility for their dog’s puppies, and not throw the undesired animals on the street anymore, there will be no efficient solution regarding street dogs, there will be only massacre.


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