The ilogical sad story of Easter Bunny

One year Mom and Dad decided to buy for Honey a little bunny that would hop through the garden and between Easter Egg and make Honey happy! So they went to a Pet Shop and decided for a small, fluffy grey-blue bunny, which was also not so expensive anymore, as the high-season for Easter bunnies was already over since a couple of days.
They happily took Bunny and later let it run free through the garden. But as Bunny tried to hide and run away, Mom and Dad decided to chain Bunny to a dog chain, so that Honey can see and play with her little bunny.

On Easter Day, Bunny sat in the garden between Easter Egg, which made Honey really really happy! Mom and Dad too!

bunny in the garden

The night after Easter, Bunny tried to escape the chain. In the struggle to release himself, he broke his leg and then ended up hanging himself with the dog chain, and died.

bunny didn't make it

Next morning, just after breakfast, Honey went out to play with her sweet fluffy Bunny. As Bunny didn’t seem to move, Honey asked Mom:

“Mammy, what’s wrong with Bunny!”
Coming out of the Kitchen, Mom answered:
“Well Honey, I guess Bunny didn’t make it!”

"The ilogical sad story of Easter Bunny"
 Written and illustrated by me

"Bunny with dog chain in the garden"
 Watercolour painting on watercolour paper

"Bunny didn't make it"
 China Ink and Wine ink drawing on watercolour paper